Where were the First Olympic Games held?


Every four years, from 776BC, the Greeks held a great festival. Artists, writers and athletes gathered to hon-our the great god Zeus. The contests were held at Olympia, and became known as the Olympic Games. The first Olympic Games were not just sporting contests.

Where were the First Olympic Games held

There were plays and recitals by poets, as well as races. To the Greeks, the Games expressed the union of mind and body, striving for victory to hon-our Zeus, the king of the gods. The event lasted for three days. Athletes ran, Wrestled, rode horses and drove chariots. The Games began with the Olympic oath and ended with prizes and feasting.


Why do circuses have clowns?


The lure of the circus is its spectacular displays of human skills and daring which amaze and thrill the crowds, when the excitement becomes too great for the audience, it is eased by the clowns. By making the spectators laugh, the clowns help them to relax again.

Oleg Popov

Oleg Popov of the Moscow Circus is one of the greatest clowns ever to have worked in the circus. The role of he plays is that of the simple bumpkin trying to copy the great riders and acrobats. His efforts to imitate their acts almost seem to succeed. But in the end they are always bungled!

Reference: This and That, Who and Where.



How to impress a woman?


Are you having a hard time winning the heart of a certain girl? We’ll, here are 5 simple ways of letting that girl hooked to you.You cannot control her emotions, but at least, you’ll be on the bright side in dealing with her.

How to impress a woman

First, know the basics.Basically knowing everything about her is a plus.Like knowing her birth-date, family background, favorite colors, foods, hobbies, books, etc. And it would be better if you get these information’s from her friends and not directly from her.You can show up to her, in surprise, bringing her favorite flowers and favorite chocolates or stuff toys.You will surely melt her heart.

Second, be polite.Who wants to be around with rude persons anyways?.Being polite with her at first will allow you to catch her attention.Remember, first impressions last! So show up your kindness, gentleness and thoughtfulness. Don’t hesitate to say “thank you”, “take care” and send her good morning messages, it will let her know that she’s remembered by you.Constantly communicate with her to show her that you are interested in every details of her life.But of course, make it creative so she will not get bored, you can start it with a joke or any funny ways to make her smile.

Third, spend time with her.There is no other greater thing in this world but to be with your special someone.So spending time with that certain girl reminds her that she’s special and that she’s worth your time. Not only your spare time, but finding ways to talk with her on phone, even when you are at work, means something for her.

Fourth, be true to yourself.Although you have to impress her and be always good in her eyes, you still have to be true to yourself.Tell her who you really are and let her see the real person in you.She will appreciate it more if you will show her some of your negative side, just like smoking.Some girls would treat it lightly, but some don’t. So if that certain girl you like hate smokers, tell her the truth and let her know that you are not hiding anything from her.In silent, you can change your bad habits and surprise her that you are willing to change to be a better person not only for her, but for yourself as well.

Fifth, be respectable and trustworthy. The three main ingredients in a relationship are love, trust and respect.If trust and respect is present, love follows.Learn to respect the girl in any ways possible.Respect her views, her opinions, her lifestyles and culture.Respect her friends, workmates and most especially her family.Show her also that you can be trusted in so many ways, even in little things.In this way, that girl will surely look forward for a wonderful future with you.