Loyal Labrador known as ‘Jurong’s Hachiko’

The dog that brought back memories of another unfailingly loyal creature had been walking to a Singapore bus stop twice a day for months.

Jurong's Hachiko

A Labrador nicknamed “Jurong’s Hachiko” after the famous loyal Akita  who returned to a Tokyo train station daily to wait for his deceased owner has been given a new home.
The dog had been appearing at the same bus stop at Block 345 twice a day since May, and locals didn’t know if the dog’s owner had passed away or if the dog had simply been abandoned.
Residents attempted to lure him away from the bus stop, but the dirty Labrador, who’s estimated to be about 7 or 8 years old, was wary of people.
Concerned, 68-year-old newspaper vendor known as Mr. Loke began leaving a bowl of dog food and rice out for the animal. He told yahoo that although people had been throwing the animal food, the lonely Labrador would only eat when the food was placed in the bowl.
According to Loke, the dog is well-behaved and intelligent, even waiting for the light to turn green before crossing the street.
Many people attempted to capture the dog, but none were successful until July 15, when 36-year-old resident Kevin Teo and a dogcatcher secured the animal with a net. Wanting to give the Labrador a home, Teo and his wife had attempted to catch him for 47 days.
The dog is currently in the custody of Tigrris Pet Services, but owner S. Rajaa Shegarran says the canine will be taken to the vet and the groomer before going home with Teo.

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