Wednesday – Story of the Day(Share if possible)


I came across this post in Facebook which makes me very sad and it shows how violent few people are?. I just want to share it and to create awareness about how not to treat dogs. There are few people who abuse dogs very badly and this post has one of the examples of how a dog was treated and lost it life very badly.

Posted by “The Chennai Adoption Drive” (Non-Profit Organization for Pets)

Got a call on the morning of January 14th about a dog that had been slowly suffering and being treated badly by all the people on the street. He was like this for the last five days. On the night of the 13th, someone took a huge stone and threw it on his head as he was crying in pain and “being a nuisance”. His eyes were sunken. Full of discharge. He had been lying in his own feces for the last few days. He could not even raise his head. He had ants and other insects eating him alive. And he was crying in pain. Sheru was gone beyond all help. We had to let him go. All we could do was give him a decent burial.




“God has not changed his mind about the animals. He has made provision for them. In truth, they really are his animals and not ours. They belong to the one who created them and gave them life. They are merely on loan to us, and as inconceivable as it may seem, God loves them more than you and I ever could.”
— dog quote by Gary Kurz


Friday – Story of the Day


One day, a very poor woman prayed for food.

A devil saw her & ask his slave to deliver some food for the poor woman.

Devil: Bring that food to her,& tell her it comes from the devil.

The slave gave the food to the woman.

The poor woman gave thanks & ate the food..

Slave: Do you know where that food came from & who gave it to you?

Poor woman: I don’t care where it came from, because I believe when GOD works in His way, even the devil obeys Him!