Interesting & Fun Facts About Christmas

1)  The Christian church fixed 25 December in 440 AD as the day for the
celebration of Christmas.
2)  The word ‘Christmas’ is an old English word and is a contracted version
of ‘Christ’s Mass’.

Interesting & Fun Facts About Christmas
3) The word ‘X-Mas’ is derived from Greek, because in Greek, ‘X’
symbolizes Christ.
4) The tradition of ringing church bells on Christmas morning dates back
to the medieval times. The ringing bells symbolize the birth of Jesus
5) The tradition of gift-giving during Christmas has originated from the
legendary characters of the Three Wise Men, who brought presents to Jesus,
when he was born.
6) Many people believe that the legendary character Santa Claus is based
on a real person named St. Nicholas. It is also believed that St. Nicholas
brings in Christmas gifts, on the Eve of the festival.
7) According to the legends, St. Nicholas lived in 4th century AD. The
Christian leader was very shy. He wanted to help the poor and the needy,
therefore the decided to give money to them in secrecy.
8) Christmas cards were invented in 1843, a period of the Victorian Era.
9) The world’s tallest Christmas tree was erected in America, in 1950.
10) The tree was as high as 76 m.
11) Candy canes, one of the popular sweet treats used for Christmas,
originally were straight white sticks of sugar candy. They were used as an
embellishment for Christmas tree. The ends of the candy were bent by
Cologne Cathedral, to symbolize shepherd’s crook. The candy canes were
given red stripes only in 20th century.
12) Although ‘Jingle Bells’ was first written for Thanksgiving, it gained
immense popularity as a song associated with the celebration of Christmas.
13) Holy represents the crown worn by Lord Jesus Christ, when he was
crucified and the red color of the berries represents his blood.
14) Christmas is the season, when the world witnesses the maximum sale of

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