Oogy’s Story


When Oogy was four months old and weighed thirty five pounds he was tied to a stake and used as bait for a Pit Bull. The left side of his face from just behind his eye was torn off, including his ear. He was bitten so hard a piece of his jaw bone was crushed. Afterward, he was thrown into a cage and left to bleed to death.


I am not a religious man, but I can only conclude that at that moment God turned around and paid attention. The police raided the facility, found Oogy, and took him to Ardmore Animal Hospital, where Dr. Bianco stitched him up and saved him.

This coincided with the last weekend of life for our cat, Buzzy, who was 14 at the time. My sons and I had taken Buzzy to AAH for his last visit. The staff had gathered Buzzy in when out comes this pup that looked like nothing more than a gargoyle. He covered us with kisses. The boys and I fell instantly in love with him.

Life goes out one door and in another. ‘This is one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever met’ Dr. Bianco said. ‘I can’t imagine what he’d be like if half his face hadn’t been ripped off.’ Then, Dr. B said, ‘I am not going to tell you the things this dog has been through.’ Dr. B’s assistant, Diane, took Oogy into her home for several weeks to foster him and make sure he was safe and to crate-train him.

Once Oogy came into our house, for my sons, then 12, it was like having a little brother. Whatever they did and wherever they went, there was Oogy. Oogy had to get involved in whatever the lads were doing. He became known as The Third Twin.

Dr. B thought Oogy was a Pit or Pit-mix and would get to be about 45 pounds.. By the time of his first checkup, Oogy weighed 70 pounds. When we walked in the door for the visit, one of the women who works at AAH exclaimed, ‘That’s a Dogo!’ I asked, ‘What’s a Dogo?’ She said, ‘I’m not sure.’

We went online and learned that the Dogo Argentina is bred in Argentina to hunt mountain lion and boar. Oogy can run about 30 miles an hour, all four legs off the ground like a Greyhound. His leg muscles are so strong that, when he sits, his butt is a half-inch off the ground. Dogos hunt in packs. Dogos hurl themselves against their prey and swarm it.

Oogy has a neck like a fire hydrant to protect him when he closes on his prey. He is built like a Pit Bull on steroids, with white fur as soft as butter and black freckles. Fully grown, Oogy is 85 pounds of solid muscle, but he does not know this and sits on us. He absolutely craves physical contact. He is full of kisses and chuffs like a steam engine when he is happy. He has a heart as big as all outdoors. One of the traits of the breed is that they fully accept anyone their family does. It is not unusual to come home and find three teenagers on the floor playing a video game and Oogy sprawled across their laps like some living boa.

Oogy hated the crate, and would bark and bark whenever we put him in. This puzzled me because I had been told by people with crate-trained dogs that their pets love the crate and feel secure in its confines. When Oogy was about eight months old, we hired a trainer who also happened to be an animal ‘whisperer.’ We introduced her to Oogy and she sat on the floor for a full five minutes talking to him. We could not hear a word she said. When the trainer lifted her head her eyes were brimming with tears. ‘Oogy wants you to know’ she said ‘how much he appreciates the love and respect you have shown him.’ Then she asked about his routine. I started by showing her where he slept in the crate. She said immediately, ‘You have to get him out of that box’. ‘Why?’ ‘Because he associates being in a box with having his ear ripped off.’ It was a smack-myself- in-the-forehead moment. Oogy never went back in.

Given what Oogy endured and what he is bred for, people are constantly astonished that he loves animals and people as much as he does. Walking with Oogy is like walking with a mayoral candidate. He has to meet everyone. A number of people we encountered in the neighborhood early on told me they were afraid of Oogy because when they would walk or jog by the house, Oogy would bark at them and trot parallel to them, and given his size and looks… But everyone falls in love with Oogy. By the end of their initial encounter they are rubbing, petting, even kissing him on the nose. Oogy kisses them back. Because of the way he looks, when people meet him for the first time they almost always ask if he is safe. I tell them, ‘Well, he has licked two people to death.’



The Real Hero – Kabang


Dog who lost snout saving girls arrives in California

Veterinarians from the University of California, Davis, say it will be a long road treating the dog who lost half her snout while saving the lives of two girls last year, the Sacramento Bee reported.

Dog Missing Snout

The hospital staff said in a press conference that they can’t remember ever seeing a case like that of Kabang – a mutt from the Philippines who jumped in front of a speeding motorcycle to save her owner’s daughter and niece.


In the accident, Kabang lost her snout and upper jaw. Veterinarians in the Philippines were unable to treat the injury, but after Kabang’s story went viral, an online campaign spearheaded by Karen Kenngott, a critical care nurse from Buffalo, N.Y., raised the money to send the dog to Northern California and UC Davis. The veterinary school has the most comprehensive dental and oral surgery services in the world.

At UC Davis, veterinarians discovered Kabang also suffers from heartworm disease and a potentially aggressive tumor, which must be addressed first. Treatment of those conditions could take up to six months, according to Dr. Jane Sykes, director of the institution’s small-animal clinic.

If successful, the veterinarians will then perform major dental surgery on Kabang and another operation to close the wound on her face. Left open, the wound puts Kabang at risk of infection and forces her to put excess effort into eating and drinking.

There are no plans to fit Kabang with a prosthetic snout or replace her jaw.

Sykes declined to estimate the total cost of the various procedures but said it would be covered by the dog’s supporters.

“It’s an interesting phenomenon that has occurred with this dog,” Sykes said. “The story has touched so many people. It’s fascinating that it has attracted so much attention when, yes, there are lots of dogs in shelters, and that is a huge issue.”

She added: “I believe that Kabang is a great ambassador for dogs and what they can do for people. I think we owe her a service in return.”

Kabang’s story has tweaked heartstrings across two nations, and also raised questions about the extraordinary effort and cost going toward treating a single animal when so many are put to death in shelters or die because their owners cannot afford treatment.

The Kabang website, launched by a critical care nurse in New York, estimates the cost of six to eight weeks of treatment at UC Davis at about $20,000. That bill likely will grow far higher, as veterinarians announced that Kabang has unrelated problems that will delay surgery for her facial wounds.

Source: Foxnews


Thursday – Story of the Day


How does dog finds his Master?

This happened long ago. God had just created birds, animals and men they all lived together in the forest. But they were afraid of one another. Small creatures kept out of the way of the larger ones.

One such small creature was the dog.

How does dog finds his Master

“what will I do if a big animal attack me?” he asked himself. He began to look for a safe hiding place. One day he found a dark cave. But how long could he stay hidden in a cave? He had to come out and look for and water.

“This big world frightens me,” he thought. “I must find someone strong and brave with whom I can live. He must be so strong that he would not be afraid of anyone! So I must find the most powerful animal on earth and stay with him.”
The dog wanted to ask god to help him find a protector. He found him deep in the forest, ”why did you make me so small ?” he asked god. “I simply can’t live alone because I’m afraid of all the big animals around me. I think I’d like a big and powerful protector. Do you think can tell me which is the greatest animal on the earth?”

God replied that it was the elephant . so the dog went to the elephant. Dear elephant , god says you’re the greatest creature on the earth. Will you let me live with you? I’ll help you in whatever way you want will you be my master?”

“of course!” said the elephant.” You’re welcome to stay with me. I shall take care of you, my little friend”. The dog was happy. When it was night, a strong wind started blowing through the forest the tress swayed madly. The dog grew frightened and began to bark. Dogs always bark in the dark, especially when there is a strong wind blowing.

But this made the elephant angry. ”don’t bark so loudly!” he said crossly . “If the tiger hears you, he’ll come here. And then I shall have to run for my life”. The dog thought,” o, the elephant is afraid of the tiger, so the tiger must be greater than him.”

He went to the tiger’s cave. There he begged the tiger to protect him. The tiger simply growled a “yes!” he was not a chatty fellow, you see. Now the dog was happy. He had the powerful tiger as his master and who would dare attack him now?

That night when a cool breeze fanned the forest, he began to bark. “shut up!” growled the tiger immediately. “If you bark so loudly, the naga man will hear you. He will come in search of us.”

“o, ho!” thought the dog. “so the tiger is afraid of the naga man. Let me search for the naga man he must be the greatest creature on earth.”

And off he went, looking for the naga man.

After a long search, at last the dog found him. “please may I live with you as your servant?” he asked the naga man. “even the mighty tiger is afraid of you. Will you protect me in this big bad world?” the man agreed.

At night, when the dog began to bark at the wind, the man came rushing up. ”o, good!” he said, happily. “bark on. Bark loudly. It will keep away strangers and I shall sleep peacefully at night!”

Now, the dog was happy. “I’ve found my true master!” he thought . “ he is not afraid of anything . that is why he does not mind me barking at night.” From that day, the dog became man’s most faithful friend and servant.