How does Top Countries Celebrate their Christmas?

  1. Germany – Baked Cakes and Decorations.

  2. Mexico – Red Flower called poinsettia as a symbol of Christmas. People carry Mary and Joseph photos from house to house in search of shelter.

  3. Finland – Fir Trees Set up on Christmas Evening, Baked Ginger bread, Cooking and Yummy Foods.

  4. Italy – Instead of Santa Claus, Witch named La Befana will be providing gifts and candies to the children.

  5. Japan – People celebrate with bucket of fried chicken rather than Ham or Turkey.

  6. Brazil – Sweets, Turkey, Beverages, Party, singing.

  7. France – Christmas is all about light show in France.

  8. Australia – Candle light in beach and Ham, Turkey, Pork etc for the dinner.

  9. Venezuela – Roller Skating Mass.

  10. United States – Cookies and a Cup of Milk for Santa Claus and he will visit each homes and surprise people with gifts.

    People from countries which is not mentioned above can share their experience too. Thank you.

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