Miracle of Patrick

An emaciated Pit bull-mix is discovered in a garbage bag by maintenance workers at the bottom of a 19-story tall garbage chute. The dog is immobile, but ALIVE. This is how he looked on arrival that Newark’s animal shelter that night.

The 22 story apartment building is equipped with garbage chutes on each floor for tenants. Someone had … no more use for this dog. They had starved it to near death, put it in a garbage bag and threw it down the garbage chute. A maintenance worker cleans out the bin every few days and on Wednesday, March 16th, they were cleaning out the contents of the container to go directly into a trash compacter. The bag moved a little and the worker opened it to find a moribund dog inside — pathetically thin, cold and near death.

The City of Newark Animal Control was contacted and ACO Arthur Skinner picked up the dog and brought him directly to the Society. The veterinary staff immediately put him on intravenous fluid.His temperature was so low that it did not even register on the thermomenter. He was covered with heating pads and blankets.

After a brief time at the Society’s Newark facility, he was ambulanced to Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls — a referral hospital with 24 hour emergency care. If he died during that night, we feel he would know that everyone loved and cared about him and treated him gently and lovingly. He amazed everyone at the Society and at Garden State by surviving with the 24 hour emergency care that they rendered. He was given a blood transfusion, a bath — and even a walk! In honor of the first day of his re-birth, we call him Patrick — in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and we hope he has the luck of the Irish!

After 18 months, Look Patrick Now “Absolutely Beautiful”!!!.

Source: http://www.facebook.com/ThePatrickMiracle




40 thoughts on “Miracle of Patrick

  1. that poor dog! thankfully the worker saw the bag move in time.i would happily go to prison for beating the hell out of the people that treat animals like that….i must say i have never seen such an abused animal that was still alive.

  2. So glad Patrick was able to be saved. It broke my heart to see that someone could abuse that poor sweetheart, then throw him away like garbage. Patrick proved he’s one tough, beautiful dog.

  3. This is so sad :(. I can’t understand why people treath their animal like this. When I think of how much love my dog gives, I can’t even imagine letting her starve to death or beating her. What a sick sick people walking around this world..

  4. Oh my word, it is so very sad that people will treat an animal this way. I hope they found who did this to Patrick. I am so happy that he is so healthy and beautiful now and that there are kind and caring people, like the ones who helped Patrick, in the world.

  5. oh, my! When I saw that first picture, my heart (and stomach) flipped over. Thank goodness he was found in time. But those people who did this to him…………… I have no words.

  6. I am not usually a vengeful person, but for those who abuse the helpless, I only wish I could flail them, roll them in rock salt, and then set them on fire. Thank God He is more merciful than I am. Thank God for people who care and have the courage to do the right thing. These creatures place their hearts and lives in our hands. If we abuse that trust, we deserve the worst.

  7. Thanks for sharing this story. Even though it made my eyes water I’m so happy for Patrick!! He’s a strong heart surviving all this abuse!!

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