Best Dance Styles in the World

  1. Salsa – It is originated from Cuba. Salsa is popularized all over Latin America and spread to all the countries.

2. Irish Dance – It is originated from Ireland. Group of people involved to perform Irish dance and dance involves more of fast leg and foot movements.

3. Street Dance – It is originated from New York city and spread through the world. This dance mostly takes place outside the studio, streets or wherever space available. It is difficult to master in street dance.

4. Ballet – It is originated from Italy and got developed in France and Russia. One of the tough form of dance taught all around the world and choreographed with vocal or orchestra music. The Ballet dance is more about acrobatic, expression and Romantic.

5. Belly Dance – It is originated from Arab countries. The specialty about this dance is, every single part in the body moves according to the music. Hip plays the major part in it. The modern belly dance involves more of romantic expression and tough to learn.

6) Bhangra – It is originated from Punjabi, India. The music is specially done for Bhangra dance and later become popular in western countries.

7. Kathak – It is originated from Uttar Pradesh, India. It was influenced from Persian Dance. The dance involves several forms of classical dance in India. The dance moves will be more of story telling and also involves more of expression, dance etc. Tough to learn but one of the beautiful art.

8. Yangko – It is originated from China and one of the most popular form of dance. The Dance moves are slow to certain rhythm. The hip and waist are used more along with feet to match with the music.

9. Adumu – It is originated from Africa. The dance is performed to the human voice as their culture doesn’t allow drums during their festivals. All the body parts are involved in this dance and anyone can participate in this dance during their festival.

10. Tap Dance – It is originated from African American. One has to wear special shoes in order to perform dancing the tap. Creating music using your feet hitting the floor and also dancing according to it at the same time. Regular practice is required to learn this dancing.


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