Beautiful Picture of the Day


14 thoughts on “Beautiful Picture of the Day

  1. I’m not sure if I’ll call it beautiful. Are those cute puppies hurt while being “hanged” in the clothesline?

    • Yup right…It’s just for photo one would love to hurt puppies. It’s just warming up in sun after bath 🙂

      • Oh, like an instant dryer! Lovely. I wish I have a new pup to love. Mine died last year T.T

      • Life is a journey and i don’t know how many travel with us for long time…even though we continue our journey even if some one is stopped from ours..

      • Yes, though sometimes some things happened that could delay our journey, but like life, we must all move on.

      • We must keep moving without delaying our journey sometimes the delay with give us burden in our journey….

      • True. Or sometimes, opportunities may already passed before we became aware of grabbing them.

      • Yup!! If you can’t achieve, set goal with what you get…I was forced to like my job and i started liking it and moving forward successfully!!!

      • You create create enthusiasm towards your work..You had gained experienced and half way mark towards your next designation or else you need your career again from scratch.

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