Cancer Fighting Spices

  1. Ginger – It fight against cancer and arthritis. Stomach upset can be cured by having a piece of ginger.

  2. Garlic – It contains cancer preventing enzymes and regular intake of garlic helps to reduce cholesterol in the body.

  3. Cinnamon – It protect against diabetes and heart disease. Regular intake of cinnamon helps to reduce cholesterol and lowers glucose in the blood.

  4. Turmeric – It helps to prevent against cancer as well as other diseases too. It cures all kinds of skin diseases.

  5. Pepper – It increases the immunity level in the body and prevents against cancer.

4 thoughts on “Cancer Fighting Spices

    • Yup..I always prefer reading Ayurveda, Yoga and philosophical related books in which most of the books are gifted by my grand-mom!!! We can live healthy by eating fruits and vegetables rather than junk foods which leads to all kinds of health related problems. People become physically weak, as they sit in front of computer or laptop for more than 12 hrs without any activities.

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