Countries Which Celebrates Halloween

Halloween is one of the oldest festival celebrated around the globe till today. USA and Canada are the two countries, where the celebration will be high compared to other countries. In America, most of the people decorate their home and offices for Halloween. Next to Christmas, more candy’s are sold during Halloween.

Austria – In Austria, people will leave bread, water and lamp before going to bed on Halloween night. It ‘s a belief that dead souls come back to earth on that night which gives strong space energy to us.

Belgium – In Belgium, people light candles during Halloween night in the memory of their dead relatives.

Canada – Modern Halloween celebration started in Canada during 1800s because of Irish and Scottish immigrants. The Halloween festivals involves parties, tricks and decorating homes with pumpkin and corn stalks.

China – In China, Teng Chieh is the name given to Halloween Festival. In the memories of departed family members, food and water will be kept in front of their photographs along with lantern glowing in order to light the path for spirits during Halloween night. The purpose is the remembrance of the dead and to free the spirit. It happens under the guidance of monks in the Buddhist temple.

Czechoslovakia – During Halloween night, chairs are placed by the fire side and one chair for each living member and one for each family member’s spirit.

England – In England, people carry “punkies” on the street singing songs, knocked on doors and ask for money. Turnip Lanterns are kept on the gate of every home to protect from spirits during Halloween night. Now, people dress up in Halloween costumes, going to door to door for sweets etc.

France – In France, people don’t celebrate Halloween, not to honor dead and department people. It is considered as American holiday in France.

Germany – In Germany, people put knives in the fire during Halloween night. They do not want to risk by bringing back the spirits again.

Hong Kong – Yue Lan(Hungry Ghosts Festival) is the name given for Halloween festival in Hong Kong. They believe spirits might roam the whole night during Halloween festival. They burn the pictures of money and fruits believe that it would reach spirits and make them happy.

Ireland – It’s the birth place for Halloween and celebration will be high and same as USA. Bonfires are lit and people dress up in Halloween costumes, does tricks, partying, Playing cards etc.

Japan – In Japan, Obon Festival which is similar to Halloween festival is dedicated to spirit of ancestors. Special foods are prepared, red light lantern glows all over. A fire is lit to show the ancestors where their families can be found. The “Obon festival” takes place during the month of July or August.

Korea – In Korea, “Chusok” is the festival similar to the Halloween festival. The family will thank the ancestor during that time by visiting their tombs providing rice and fruits. The festival happens during the month of August.

Mexico, Latin America and Spain – All are Spanish speaking nations. “El Dia de los Muertos” is the Spanish name for Halloween festival. A day dedicated for the remembrance of dead family members. Homes will be decorated with candy, flowers, photograph’s, foods and drinks etc. Candles are lit to light up the way for the spirits. It happens from October 31 to November 2nd.

Sweden – In Sweden, “Alla Helgons Dag” is the name given to Halloween festival. It is celebrated from October 31st to November 6th. It is celebrated well and it’s shortened working day.


21 thoughts on “Countries Which Celebrates Halloween

  1. I’m just a guy with a poetic reply…

    There was a New Yorker from Queens,
    He loved to observe Halloween;
    He saw horrible witches,
    And zombies with twitches,
    And things that made his face turn green.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

  2. Not sure where you are in this beautiful world, but today in Toronto we are lucky to have some sun and milder weather…stay warm make some tea and some yummy treats and enjoy 🙂

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